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Guide's Targeted Fish Species In June

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A Eyestalker Sportfishing Charters Fishing Charter targets the top Lake Erie Fish species including Walleye (Also Called Blue Pike, Dory, Glass Eye, Gray Pike, Marble Eye, Pike-Perch, Yellow Pike-Perch  ), American Yellow Perch (Also Called Lake Perch, Perch  ), Steelhead Trout. Lake Erie fishing is second to none, Lake Erie Walleye Fishing in particular is world famous. The Walleye fishing on Lake Erie is consistently good for most of the spring and summer months. The best time to fish for Walleye on Lake Erie is in July. If you asked any Lake Erie fishing charter captain when the best time to fish for Walleye on Lake Erie is, they would tell you the same thing. On top of that, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources also reports that the month of July sees more Walleye caught on Lake Erie than any other month. The other spring and summer months from April to late September are still great for Lake Erie Walleye fishing. Another fish species that Lake Erie is famous for is Steelhead. Steelhead fishing on Lake Erie is good pretty much year round. During the hotter summer months they can be caught regularly in the deeper water on Lake Erie. As the summer progresses into fall they will be found in the shallower waters of the lake. They will stage in the shallows before making their seasonal fall runs into the lakes many tributaries. .
We primarily Fish the Lake Erie